Michigan Gun Owners was established in 2002 as a website and incorporated in 2003 with the mission to educate the public and encourage grass roots activism on a state-wide level through various outreach programs and a popular community forum on the internet. Michigan Gun Owners has become Michigan’s fastest growing, grass roots gun rights advocacy organization.


  • Why Grass Roots?
    We, at MGO, feel that the best form of activism is done at the grass roots level. The first three words in our country's constitution are "We the people". In that spirit, a group of volunteers from all firearm disciplines gathered together and put aside their differences to work toward the common goal of protecting and restoring the firearm rights of law-abiding citizens in Michigan. We firmly believe in the power of a grass roots movement. Join our common voice and together, we will work to secure the rights of sportsmen, target shooters, self defense advocates, collectors and firearm owners across the state of Michigan.
  • Aren't there other groups?
    Yes. There are some fine gun rights groups at both the state and national level. Michigan Gun Owners is dedicated to grass roots activism. And we have a partnership with those that support our goal to get more Michigan gun owners involved in the fight for our rights. While other approaches have their merits, we feel that the real power to effect positive change is with the voice of the average voter. When we win the average voter's support, it is a win for all gun owners
  • How do we reach the average voter?
    By having a presence. One person may offer a hunter's safety class to a local Boy Scout troop and someone else can offer a general safety class to a church group. Education and information is the key. Our members are varied in their skills and everyone contributes in their own way.
  • Do I have to be that involved to become a member?
    NO. We understand that with our busy lives it is not always possible to give time. Therefore, the option is yours. Whatever you can do will be appreciated. You could write a letter to the editor or keep a co-worker informed of the latest laws. Joining now helps us with our efforts, and when you have more time, you will always be welcome to help in whatever way you feel comfortable.



Michigan Gun Owners is a not-for-profit grass roots organization committed to educating the public on safe responsible gun ownership and preserving and defending the right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Article I, section 6 of Michigan’s Constitution.